Infinity Competitor SUP 10'6" Reviews

Infinity Competitor SUP 10’6″ Reviews

The Infinity Competitor SUP 10’6″ was designed for intermediate to advanced riders who can’t get enough of “slash and shread” style fun.  As the name suggests, this board is popular with those who participate in SUP contests.  The Competitor SUP’s rocker has an organic curve that feels good under your feet while you make carving rail style turns and ride the nose.  It is also specialized to have a flat speed area in the center.  Meanwhile, the V-bottom shape behind the fins is flat for smoother turns and to help with projection.  The Infinity Competitor SUP’s nose has a noticeable shape that is great for off-the-lip fun and smooth reentry.  Plus, the paddle board also has a little more volume to it to help with catching waves in smaller conditions.  The Competitor SUP is available in custom sizes from 9’0″ to 10’6″ long, but you must allow more time for delivery.

  • Rider Weight:  From 140 lbs to 215 lbs.
  • Length:  10’6”
  • Width:  28 1/2”
  • Thickness:  4 3/4”
  • Weight:  26 lbs.
  • Construction: Epoxy/EPS
  • Fins:  Lock Box/Box, Thruster setup, 2+1 options
  • Features:  carrying handle, traction pad

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One thought on “Infinity Competitor SUP 10’6″ Reviews”

  1. I guess my experience was a bit different that the others in this review. I ordered a 19′ custom SUP for racing. I spent a lot of time talking with Steve Boehne over the phone and email about what I was looking for. He told me it would be no problem to design and shape a board for me. It took around 8 weeks to get it and with much anticipation and excitement I opened the well packaged board only to find the glassing a paint job to be completely subpar. It looked as if someone dragged it across a sandpaper floor and then simply painted over it. The shape and lines were perfect but the construction and quality was not worth the several thousands I spent on it. When I confronted he made several excuses on the quality. In his own words “YES, THERE ARE SEVERAL FLAWS IN THE FINISH. THIS IS MOSTLY BECAUSE THE BOARD IS SO LARGE THAT IT DOESN’T FIT INTO OUR GLASS SHOP. I USE THREE DIFFERANT GLASS SHOPS TO GLASS OUR RACE BOARDS. THE ONES THAT DO THE BEST QUALITY CANNOT GLASS A BOARD THAT LONG. IT JUST DOESN’T FIT INTO THEIR GLASSING ROOMS. YOUR BOARD DID NOT FIT INTO THE PAINTING ROOM, SO IT HAD TO BE PAINTED IN THE SANDING ROOM.



    Why offer a product you do not have to facilities to produce in the same quality and standards as the rest of your fleet. The fact he knowingly and admittedly could not do this is completely unprofessional. This should have been made known to me BEFORE i put the deposit down for the board. Just be careful with your decision to go with steve and his company. Caveat emptor.

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