Fanatic AllWave SUP 9'10" Reviews

Fanatic AllWave SUP 9’10” Reviews

The Fanatic AllWave SUP 9’10” was designed for easier paddling and wave catching.  Beginners will appreciate the wide shape and scoop rocker lines that give the paddler a balanced stance.  Meanwhile, advanced SUP surfers will like the extra nose kick in steeper conditions and the fish tail shape for better maneuverability and turning power on calmer surf.  The Fanatic AllWave SUP even comes with a windsurfing mastfoot insert for days when you want to switch it up.

  • Length:  9’10”
  • Width:  33”
  • Volume:  191 liters
  • Thickness: 4.7″
  • Fins:  Thruster (2+1) set up
  • Other features:  High resistance skin

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